Author Spotlight: David Lichty

Jimmy Miller The Super Powerful: Forecast Acid Rain
by David Lichty

Is the fate of the world really in the hands of one 9-year-old kid?  Find out in Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful: Forecast Acid Rain.  In this work of science fiction, 9-year-old Jimmy Miller gains super human abilities after he is unknowingly fed experimental genetically-modified food by a government funded corporation, Etyouth.  Forced to remain at the facility, Jimmy and his father eventually escape with the help of the boy’s new found powers.  Jimmy and his dad settle into a home in Battle Creek, Michigan and attempt to live as normal of a life as possible, attending school and going off to work.  Meanwhile, Etyouth refrains from pursuing Jimmy and his dad…until one year later.  Etyouth leads Jimmy and his dad into a battle away from their home, and captures the boy, incapacitating him.  While in captivity the callous, malevolent director informs Jimmy that not only was his father captured…but now is dead!  Jimmy escapes Etyouth once again, and now he has to fight off the evil corporation alone, without any parents.  Eventually, he joins up with his best friend, 9-year-old Annie Marshall, who is struggling to overcome her abusive and chaotic childhood.  The story is told in first person from the perspective of our protagonist and hero.  However, is Jimmy emotionally capable of handling these extraordinary abilities or is it too overwhelming for someone so young?

This is book 1 of a series written by first time author, David Lichty.  With plenty of action, adventure, and human interest this is a tale that will be enjoyed by all age levels.  Although not specifically for children (think PG-13 for language, situations, and violence), juvenile readers (as well as anyone who used to be a child) from 9 on up will certainly identify with the characters.

David is married to the love of his life, Kerri, and the father of two boys, Kaleb and Brayden.  All his life he has resided in southwest Michigan and currently has a home in Battle Creek, a.k.a. Cereal City.  In his past he has been a social worker, possessing both a master's degree and a state license to practice.  His work (as well as his own past) has opened his eyes to the struggles that some children are faced with and the question always in his mind was--what if these kids had incredible super powers?  Would it help them or just add on to their troubles.

You can get a paperback version at either Amazon or Barnes and Noble (online only).  While I enjoy hard copies of any book I read, I know there are those who prefer gadgets and technology.  For those people, Jimmy Miller the Super Powerful:  Forecast Acid Rain has an e-book version for the Kindle (get it at Amazon) or for the Nook (get it at barnesandnoble.com).  The paperback version runs at $12.99 but the e-book versions are as low as 2.99.  You can also find David and like him on Facebook, just make sure you get his author page (it's the one with the book cover).  You can also get previews and some information at his bloghttp://bcdavid-jimmymiller.blogspot.com/.

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