Are you Watching Homeland on Showtime?

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I love to read, especially thrillers or other stories that captivate my imagination. I have always declared that I am not a TV watcher. When I am induced to watch, I usually doze off. Needless to say, this earns me no points with whomever suggested that I join in watching a show that they enjoy.

This was all until my sweetheart suggested that I would like Homeland, a Showtime series that originated in Israel. I was hooked from the first moment. I even watched the first year series in rapid succession.

I kept asking myself “what is it about this show that captivates me?” It took awhile, but I finally figured out that it is the same thing that I enjoy about novels. The characters are engaging. They are placed in a context that is dangerous to us all (terrorism). 

The lead character (Brody) is a hero of a distant war, held prisoner for 8 years, and who was apparently turned to the dark side. Or was he?

During his captivity, his wife (Jessica) took up with Brody’s best friend (Michael). Their children attached to the new man in the home. Then Brody comes home. He is befriended by a Vice President for his own ambition. Brody becomes a Congressman. He dons a suicide vest in a situation where he could wipe out the U.S. administration leaders.

A beautiful CIA operative (Carrie) needs to get into Brody. They form their own relationship. Are they either one in love? She is bipolar, often neglecting her medication. She has a colleague who is thoughtful and engaging (Saul), who seems to tolerate her often scattered behavior because of her periodic brilliance. They both have a superior, who seems to have his own ambitions.

 I strive to imagine how it will all come together. In each chapter, there is unexpected development, which sends the story off in a new direction. Who is good? Who is bad? How will they get out of this mess?

Each week, I look forward to Sunday night when the new show comes on. I certainly do not fall asleep. I find myself thinking about the characters and their dilemmas, as I do with well written novels. The writers of these screenplays are excellent. I hope to learn from their work.

My horizons have been expanded. If you have not seen this one, tune-in and get hooked.

Warms, Cym

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