Blood Line by James Rollins #Book #Review

Blood Line 
by James Rollins 
(2012 Wm Morrow)

It is always a treat to read and think through the work of skilled thriller writers. The complexities of history, characterization, evolution of the history to the world of today, pacing, and page turning frenzy as the elements are joined is quite amazing. Especially to a student like me who is hoping to learn the craft.

Blood Line contains all of these elements. We start with a connection to Christianity and the Crusades. We are taunted with thinking through what it would be like to be immortal, to live forever. Is the U.S. president to be assassinated? How can all of these elements be related? I thought turning the initial pages

Aside for all of this intrigue, we are treated to a cast of quite amazing characters, including a heroic dog (my personal favorite). Sigma Force is a clandestine operative of the United States. Its leaders pull together a cast of ingeniously developed characters, including two female operatives who seem to lead quite normal lives until they are in the field. The leader is even in love with one of them, though she is placed in deep peril. In the end, there are generations of electronic demons who almost derail success of the mission.

There are also other familial ties, including a President and his brother the Secretary of State, caught up in different elements of their ancestral family heritage. The arch enemy is the Guild. One of its own has joined the other side, only to find that she has a relationship with the apparent bad guy, and a mother who may still be alive, neither ever known to her.

As if this were not enough raw material for a thriller, Rollins rolls in a clever explanation of the potential genetics of immortality.

The action takes place in the Middle East and South Carolina, and at various places in between.

Blood Line is thrilling. My only disappointment occurred when I turned the last page. How will these people evolve? I wanted to continue.

Like some other fine series, such as The Girl With the Dragon Tatoo, Rollins has created characters that can sustain many excellent stories. I look forward to picking up the path of these folks in their next adventure.

Warms, Cym  

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