Cym's Recipe for Republicans #FiscalCliff

I rarely make political comments (as I view myself as a Commie Left Democrat), but I did send my thoughts to Chairman Boehner (and a few others).

Dear Mr. Chairman: 
Thank you for your leadership. Good luck in your "cliff" discussions with the President. Have you considered the following response: 
(i) the President has made it abundantly clear that his positions are non-negotiable on both spending and taxes; 
(ii) we believe these positions will lead to the economic malaise of Japan and the EU; 
(iii) the American people and their economy desperately need the "cliff" matter to be resolved to clear the way forward; 
(iv) there should be plain accountability for what is done to address our economic problems; 
(v) the President was re-elected; and, therefore, 
(vi) we will stand aside and allow the President's proposals to be enacted. If they are successful, we will all be delighted. If they have the malaise consequences that we fear, then we will stand ready in 2 and 4 years to address the situation as it may then be framed.

The poker-playing here is quite interesting, except for the danger that the antagonistic positions create for us all.

Love, Cym 

PS. What are your solutions? How is this affecting your family or you personally? Leave me a comment!

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  1. Hmmm - interesting. This has not impacted me YET but I do expect some effects in 2013. We shall see.
    You have it right though - President Obama was re-elected. We may not agree with the choices and proposals but, oh, how I wish Congress would get things moving forward. If they can't agree on their own solutions then compromise or acquiesce and let those who make the proposals be accountable and bear the responsibility!
    Meanwhile I have comfort that I believe in a sovereign God who has ultimate control!
    Happy New Year and best wishes to you, Cym!