A Backyard Library by 3rdSpace

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A Backyard Library by 3rdSpace

You might have noticed a trend over the last five or so years that takes the home office or guest room outside of the house and into the backyard3rdSpacecontinues the tradition in the form of a modular library studio in the Oxfordshire garden of a literature professor who was looking for a space to store her collection of books. The beauty of the design is that the rooms can be used for anything.

A Backyard Library by 3rdSpace in architecture  Category

The prefab system did away with the typical planning issues and time constraints that go along with traditional on-site building. The design can easily be flat-packed and moved to a new space if the homeowner was to relocate, making this a cost effective solution for people who move frequently.


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  1. I just showed this to my husband and am putting it on my Christmas wish list! Thanks for sharing, this is a perfect idea for us book "collectors"!